The uncle 岳.

Rifaat al-Assad

The uncle seems to have a lot of properties in France, so they say (anti-corruption groups). Lucky man.

The group says that it was impossible for Mr & Mrs Assad to earn this amount of money from his presidential apanage so as to buy for examle, this property:

A chateau with 45 hectares of land just outside Paris, a series of apartments and a plot of land in the west of Paris, and a vast townhouse on the exclusive Avenue Foch with a view of the Arc de Triomphe said to be worth about €90m.

The groups claim  that Assad’s fortune is far beyond what he earned as a military commander or vice-president before he left Syria in 1984. They allege that his holdings, including a luxurious seven-storey townhouse on one of Paris’s most expensive streets and several dozen others apartments, must have been amassed by pilfering Syrian public funds and abusing power.

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Damascus properties in danger zone

The city has been rated the least worthy to live in by The Economist magazine. To which I subscribe.  Then there is a threat that the US will take some unspecified military action against Syria. Anyway I agree with the UN inspectors, they run for their lives. Obviously the property values in Damascus are greatly diminished. Perhaps a chance  to buy?


For the time being the danger is over. Mr Obama  & Co are still in talks with Mr Assad. Hold your horses.


Das Team der UN-Inspektoren hat Syrien wieder verlassen.

He seems to be a monster (怪物, 괴물), however consider what will it be after he is gone

THE former girlfriend of Kim Jong-un has been executed by firing squad in a dramatic porn scandal as the North Korean despot’s totalitarian regime continues its brutal grip.

How to avoid being shot in N.Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend was executed for alleged pornography. AFP


Kim Dzong Un

Why to invest in North Korea 为什么要在朝鲜投资

This Dear Leader (亲爱的领袖) will not last for ever. Then there will be a lot of opportunities to become rich for astute investors.
Look at this

  • Close to China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia etc
  • Unspoiled areas for tourism and residential development -as it was 60 years ago (compare to other countries in the region)
  • Eager and inexpensive labor force will follow the developments – we reckon there will be no war, the Dear Leader will behave as he should.



update: No problems so far. The Excellent Leader 优秀的领导者 has done nothing untoward. He is just bluffing (他只是唬人)